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The Edgcliff is a premier destination for pool enthusiasts and sports lovers, renowned for its high-quality facilities and lively atmosphere. This venue has transformed over the decades, maintaining its prime location opposite the Great Western Hotel & Beach while continually evolving. The significant rebranding in August 2020, from ‘The Edgcliff Social Club’ to ‘The Edgcliff’, marked a new chapter, focused on simplification and enhancement, dropping its membership element and breathing new life into this iconic institution.

At its core, The Edgcliff is dedicated to English 8 Ball Pool, featuring eight world-class tables (including five Supreme Match Pool tables and three Supreme Winners). The dedication to quality is evident, with each table boasting the highest standard cloth and perfectly maintained. The facility even includes a special ‘Pool Match Room’ equipped with its own TV and electronic scoreboard, elevating the playing experience to professional standards. Pool cues and chalk of the same caliber used in professional settings are supplied to all players, underlining The Edgcliff’s commitment to offering an unparalleled pool-playing experience.

Three large screens dominate the spacious, open-plan interior, making it the ideal venue for catching that ‘unmissable match’. The environment is perfect for enjoying live sports, with a vibrant crowd and a wide selection of drinks offered at great prices.

The Edgcliff costs just £6 per hour for pool, it’s an inviting offer for both casual players and serious enthusiasts. Advance booking, highly recommended due to the popularity of the venue.

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40 Cliff Rd
01637 520230

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