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Holywell Bay is an open sandy beach located on the North Cornwall coast, approximately 6 miles west of Newquay. Its situated near the Holywell Bay Fun Park as well as Crantock Beach and Perranporth beach. The bay is easily accessible by road with plenty of parking, but expect a short hike from the car park to the beach. This is an ideal beach for families, especially during weekends and holidays when the kids are off school. There are plenty of sand dunes and you will normally find kids (and adults) jumping from the top and tumbling down. Also, the dunes are great for using a bodyboard to surf down the sand – a seriously fun way to spend part of the day.

Holywell Bay is a name thought to be derived literally from a “Holy Well” – a cave on the northern side of the bay, only accessible at low tide. The rocks form a series of basins due to its unusual formation. It’s said that in the past, mothers would take their sick children and bathe them in the water. Another unique landform found on this beach are the twin rocks known as “Gull Rocks” or “Carter’s Rocks”.

As you’d expect, the beach offers some jaw-dropping scenery. Seen from a far distance, one can mistake it to be the main beach in the area due to its numerous sand dunes that are visible from afar, with expansive distances of beach formed by the golden sand that stretches for many miles northeast. These sand dunes are a favourite for the visiting young children who spend much of their time in the sand with buckets making sand castles. The dunes form excellent rock pools as streams meander along the sand.

Holywell Bay offers a range of activities from surfing, swimming and water skiing. For those who love golfing, there is an 18-hole golf course within the area that overlooks the beach. Also at the nearby Holywell Bay Holiday Park, kids can enjoy outdoor games such as football, basketball, netball and table tennis.

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  • Jeep Diva Blog

    Love the pics of Holywell Bay! Been meaning to check it out for a while now, thanks for the inspiration. Any suggestions on which bars and clubs to hit up in Newquay for a night out? 😀

  • TechyList

    Loved the recommendations for Holywell Bay! Can’t wait to check out the nightlife in Newquay. The beach looks stunning and I’m excited to try out some of the local pubs and bars. Thanks for the tips!

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