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Nightlife is definitely one of the attractions that Newquay has to offer.  After a day of the beach and of the sun, sometimes, you just want to kick back and relax and enjoy the night away with a bit of drink and music to boot.  While there are many bars and nightclubs in Newquay, one new bar recently opened its doors and is worth taking a look.

The Basement Bar is one of the newest nightspots in Newquay.  It’s located just south of the Great Western Beach and right by the Legacy Hotel Victoria along East Road.  It’s a very unique place as the bar is decked out with wooden planks that resemble a wooden barn or the inside of a barrel of ale. Most of the place is covered in wood, even the bar countertop uses wooden planks for its design.  Definitely, one of the most interesting bars you will ever come across to.

The New Place in Town

Being a new bar in Newquay, the Basement Bar has a wide array of cocktails and drinks to choose from. There really is something for everyone who comes to try out the place.  It’s also not full of night clubbers and stag parties so it’s a great place to relax and enjoy a drink or two or even ten!  The staff are very friendly and accommodating and will try to assist you with their menu of drinks.  They will even help you choose something new or different for that evening.

Most bar patrons that have dropped by say that you will really enjoy and have fun with the Basement Bar.  It’s a great bar with a bit of class and many consider it a premium bar above the rest that you will find in Newquay.  Every Wednesday and Sunday is piano nights with World Piano Man, Martyn Lucas.  Join him and have a drink or two and sing along to some classic hits as he plays the piano for the bar.  It’s truly a different way to relax and have some fun.

The People and the Atmosphere

The Basement Bar experience is really about the overall atmosphere.  Most patrons agree that what makes the place great are the people.  The place is not overrun with young partygoers so you can really slow down and enjoy a few cocktails at your own pace.  The staff are very friendly and accommodating and even the live music appearances are great.  Even the design and motif of the bar adds a bit of charm to the overall atmosphere.

It’s also near the main town centre, so it’s very accessible and in fact, is just a few steps away from the Newquay Railway Station.   However, as it is a new bar, don’t expect it to be open all day.  Since they just recently launched, they are currently only open between 8 PM – 12 AM.  It is probably best to have dinner first before heading to the Basement as they don’t offer meals on their menu.

Features that the Bar has:
  • Friendly Waitstaff
  • Seating at tables or bar area
  • Beer and Cocktail Drinks
  • Great atmosphere and ambience
  • Walking distance from the beach and the railway station
  • Live Music Performances
  • Piano Nights

If you are looking to experience something different in Newquay, then you really better check out the Basement Bar and be the judge!

Location and Contact Information:

East Street
Cornwall TR71DB
Tel: 01637 872255
Email: [email protected]

Contact Details

East Street
Cornwall TR71DB
01637 872255


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