The Cribbar

The Cribbar is a reef off the Towan Headland in Newquay. It is well-known as the Widow Maker! It is visited by huge waves, about 20 to 30 ft. tall at a time that would strike Cornwall coast annually. It draws spectators to come and watch experienced wave surfers conquer the waves, or trashed by it.

The big wave surfers who seek out for the adrenalin rush are the first to be drawn to these monster waves. Visitors and spectators who get a kick out of seeing surfers glide upon the waves watch intently and with amazement upon a hilly plateau at the shoreline off the reef. True to its name, among the crowd you hear stories of surfers who suffered punctured lungs or broken bones, or worse, after surfing the giant waves.

Cribbar Bar & Restaurant is promptly named after the reef where surfers find waves t ride.  It is one of the best relief at lunch and dinner, before or after the action at the beach. Some visitors who arrive before dawn would go to the beach front but find their way into this restaurant for a lovely breakfast. Rated 4 or 5 by TripAdvisor, this restaurant is located in the central area of Newquay, along 11-19 Gover Lane traversing Beach Road leading to the Towan beach.

Great reviews of the food and facilities are given of Cribber Restaurant. Of the 339 reviews by diners, 127 said it was excellent and 105 said it was very good. Only 41 said average and very few have things to say.

In the most recent review, one customer says “they always have a bite at Cribber Restaurant when they go to Newquay”. Certainly, they are not the only regular visitors in Newquay. According to them, they had “five dishes for £8.99 during the Saturday special, but they couldn’t finish all”. Another reviewer said they can’t complain because apart from having basic pub food, there was a nice selection of drinks and a large selection of beers.

With regard to their facilities, toilets are clean as are the bar area says one reviewer. And Grumpy Devil, one of their customers, said that his “family had a lovely reasonably priced family meal”. To them, it is important that “there is a family area within the pub that has books for children and some booth that had TV sets with children’s show on”. What a treat!

Cribbar Restaurant serves great veggie breakfast that could set you up for a day’s work at the beach or walking the coastal path. Included on the menu is their veggie sausages. You would think you had quite a meal as you munch vegetables into your mouth! You can have a good veggie breakfast and all the coffee you want for about £4 stated a reviewer. So, if you are a vegetarian or a health buff, then this restaurant will come as a relief early in the day.

But, of course, if you are a meat-lover, the mixed grill is pretty perfect, as one reviewer said. Then, there’s the rump steak and the pork burger which tastes and looks delectable. They are a great and happy sight on the table when your family gets to try them all.

The bar has a good selection of drinks and the beer is good. The restaurant promotes local breweries that make the experience in Newquay interesting and enticing. With good food and drinks together in a relaxed atmosphere, it can make your day.

Added to the positive comments is that Cribbar Bar & Restaurant has lovely staff, kind and service-full. The place is rated very good for “Service”; “Food” and “atmosphere” are on the same level. But above those, “Value” is rated the highest.  If you want value for your money, Cribbar Bar & Restaurant is for you.

Location and Contact Information:

11-19 Gover Lane
Cornwall TR7 1ER
Tel: 01637 800564
Email: [email protected]


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