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One coffee lover says, “While currently rated #2 for nightlife, it should be considered similar to coffee!” They stopped by about 11 am on a Saturday to get a freshly made salt beef bagels and coffee, and to their surprise, it was the NEWQUAY best coffee destination in town too!

Tom Thumb at 27A East St., Newquay Uk, is rated #2 for nightlife and rated Excellent by TripAdvisor, yet it is just as good during the day as it is at night. It is a high-end speak-easy bar located in the coastal town of Newquay. Several people rave over their bagels, fall in love with the place the moment they step into the modern yet cozy bar with a spiral staircase up the room where friends could chill out or even work a little.

TripAdvisor published the review of Tom Thumb and it turns out that out of 35 reviews which were not just on that day, 87% ticked excellent, 11% average, and only 1 or 2% thinks it is average. Nobody said anything negative about Tom Thumb.

The cocktail is particularly excellent, the bar is amazing and the drinks menu is great! But having good drinks is not the only thing that makes them come back over and over. It’s the totality of their experience, the drink, the food, the service, friendliness, gracious service of the staff, (aptly put) and the ambiance. Talking about the ambiance, everyone is saying great, but someone aptly described the place as “reeking with class”.

Tom Thumb has nightlife and a day-life too! Their menu shows that they cater to a variety of recipe to bring the whole family in. From Juicy Burger, Barbequed Turkey, Catalina Carribean Salad and Lemon Pepper Baked Chicken. They have black Bean and Mano Salsa, Couscous with Spring Vegetables and couscous with Spring Vegetables. But, just on the soup alone, visitors promise to come back.

Tom Thumb just opened last year in August 2016, yet they have captured the hearts of many locals because of their dynamic ideas in service, such as the online food and grocery service. They have regard for customers and provides delivery on the same day. Order at 3:00 am and you get your goods delivered between 9:00 am and 3:00 pm. Order before 8:30 in the morning and you will receive your goods between 4:00 pm to 10:00 pm.

There are events that Tom Thumb hosts, such as the spirits masterclasses and tastings to guest chef evenings and still other events. It comes as a delight to the regulars and the new comers in this small town. Tom Thumb offers 20% off and Free Delivery on your first order. And their system keeps record of those you bought from them. If you forget you try to remember those groceries by telling someone what happened, or you can open the website and explain the situation.

Tom Thumb is a pleasant walk to the beach where the big wave surfing occurs year after year. It makes the pub an ideal place to go during lunch or at dinner time. After a day’s action on the rough waters of Newquay, the surfers and spectators hang out in this place like their sanctuary.

Location and Contact Information:

27A East St
Cornwall TR7 1DN
Tel: 01637 498180
Email: [email protected]


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