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Newquay is quite well known for two things: the surf and the nightlife.  Being the surfing capital of the United Kingdom, this town in Cornwall is host to a variety of white sandy beaches, beautiful seaside lodges and inns, pubs, nightclubs, and restaurants that litter across Newquay and nearby towns.  One such establishment is the Toast Café and Wine Bar.

A New Take on Bars and Restaurants

Toast Café and Wine Bar offers a unique take on your restaurant and bar scene in Newquay.  By day, this lovely establishment is a café that serves a variety of food from their menu.  They open early at around 10:00 AM and they serve different meals to suit your taste.  They have a complete breakfast and brunch menu that include bacon, sausages, and different meats together with breakfast staples such as eggs and toast.  You can have these meals with tea or coffee to complete that morning café feel.

Food and Drinks

As this is a café and wine bar, they also offer a lunch and dinner menu that can be paired with Toast Café and Wine Bar’s selection of wine and other alcoholic drinks.  This makes the perfect place to really chill with good food and a great selection of drinks.  Perfect for family or friends.

The food menu at Toast has a great selection of English cuisine and tapas as well so you can never run out of options.  You can even drop by and ask the staff their specials and recommendations and they can come up with a menu that will give you a great dining experience.

Great and Relaxing Atmosphere

And speaking of staff, the Toast has a great and welcoming staff that most customers agree are very accommodating.  They will really take the time to entertain you and answer all your questions about their menu and their variety of drinks.  If you are looking for something specific to eat or drink the staff will try to deliver to the best of their ability.

The Toast Café and Wine Bar also has a great ambiance and atmosphere at any time of the day.  During the day, it’s like a quaint roadside café that offers both food and drinks.  By night it becomes a pub that offers not only food but a wide selection of drinks that you would normally not find in regular pubs.  While the place is popular it does not get crowded and so it’s actually still a good place to relax with family and friends.

This place also has some of the best reviews seen on Trip Advisor, on Facebook and even on Google.  Most customers agree that they have a great food selection and that the food is really superb.  Ratings by reviewers are amazing as most reviewers give it a 5 star rating with just a few giving it a 4 out of 5 while there aren’t any bad reviews for this place so far.  It just shows that Toast Café and Wine Bar is the place to go for great food, drinks and wonderful atmosphere.


Location and Contact Information:

12a Central Square
Cornwall TR7 1EU
Tel: 01637 871252


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