The Library Bar

Newquay has long been a popular tourist destination in England and specifically in Cornwall.  Both local and international tourists find their way to Newquay to enjoy what it has to offer.  Known for its seaside coast and view, its beautiful long beaches, and the fantastic waves for surfing, Newquay is also great when it comes to its Nightlife. There are a great number of pubs, bars and restaurants all over Newquay and nearby towns so you can never run out of anything to do when the sun goes down.

The Library Bar is one such place.  Located near the coast and near the Towan Beach and the Great Western Beach.  It is also nearby the Hotel Sunnyside and the Blue Reef Aquarium.  This bar is right at the heart of Newquay so it’s very hard to miss but at the same time, it’s somewhat off the beaten track so you can expect that it’s not crowded with loud party people.

Most customers who have been to the Library Bar that this place has a great and lovely atmosphere that people will definitely enjoy their time.  It has a great range of quality drinks to choose from local drinks to ales and other spirits available in the Cornwall area. Most say that they offer high quality drinks and spirits at reasonable and affordable prices.

This place has a great atmosphere for anyone looking for something different than your typical jam-packed and noisy pub or bar.  The people and the waitstaff are very friendly and welcoming.  It’s not crowded at all so the place gives you a great relaxed feel.  It’s a place you can drop by and have a few drinks and a few laughs with your friends or with the locals.  The place does not feel fast paced and makes you feel like you are in a countryside pub.

The library bar is walking distance from the Towan Beach so it’s a great place to hang out after a day of the bright daytime sun at the beach enjoying the water and the waves.  At the end of a great day of swim and surf, you will need a place to hang out and unwind while drinking some of the best ales in Newquay and perhaps even enjoying the food the bar has to offer.  Truly a one of a kind establishment it’s a place you surely don’t want to miss when you visit Newquay.

The Library Bar is also walking distance from some of the sights and tourist attractions of Newquay.  Directly to the north of the Library Bar, you will find Towan Beach, one of the many beautiful beaches in Newquay, and the Blue Reef Aquarium right at the coast of Towan Beach. To the west, you will find the Newquay Heritage Archive and Museum. And then to the south of Library Bar is the Pirate’s Quest.  Truly the Library Bar is found at the center of some of the great sights Newquay has to offer.

The Library Bar is ranked by Trip Advisor as one of the Top 18 places for a nightlife in Newquay so it’s definitely worth trying out.

Location and Contact Information:

25 Bank Street
Cornwall TR7 1DH
Tel: 01637 872814


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