Lanherne Pub & Restaurant


If you are looking for a place to relax and get your load off then Lanherne Pub and Restaurant in Newquay is the place to be. Located on one of the less crowded streets in Newquay, this pub and restaurant offers a relaxing place where you can dine with your family or have a beer or two somewhere off the beaten path. This place is far away from the main commercial centre so it will take several minutes just to get there but it’s well worth the travel. But most customers agree – the Lanherne is the place to go should you find yourself in need of food and drinks while going around the town.

Lanherne Pub and Restaurant is a great establishment that serves both food and alcoholic drinks. Though a little bit out of town, this place is walking distance from the Great Western Beach and the Newquay Zoo so it’s definitely a place to visit though it’s a bit out of the way. Lanherne itself is huge and is subdivided into two sections: the pub area and the general restaurant area.

The pub area is what you would typically expect from a British pub. It’s a great place to relax and enjoy a glass of beer. They offer three kinds of ale which aren’t the usual Cornish standards. They have one standard beer which is the Tintagel Harbour Special and then the other two rotating guest ales. The pub sports some amenities such as darts, a pool table, a jukebox and even a small area for the occasional live performances.  This area is favoured by the local drinkers as this place is located far from the busy commercial areas.

The restaurant seems very unassuming and is not very crowded. Many locals and even tourists agree that they have a very good service. The restaurant is a place you can really kick back your feet, relax and have some good food.  Servers are very friendly and helpful and are very accommodating. They will make sure that you enjoy your time with them so that you’ll feel right at home. Service is also fairly quick and most customers and tourists have left feedback about enjoying a very hearty meal at Lanherne.

The pub and restaurant are completely accessible as there is a bus stop just outside of Lanherne. They also offer the following facilities and services for your perusal:

  • Lunchtime Meals
  • Evening Meals
  • Pub Garden
  • Parking
  • Dog Friendly
  • Family Friendly
  • Function Room
  • Traditional Pub Games
  • Newspapers
  • Restaurant Area
  • Smoking Area
  • Sports TV

If you have ever found yourself in Newquay and you want to experience a different side of Cornwall away from the busy tourist areas, then Lanherne Pub and Restaurant is the place to visit.  You will really get a taste of how locals relax and enjoy themselves.  There are drinks, there is food. There are even games and live performances.  There is definitely something for everybody whether you’re a local, tourist or just passing through.

Location and Contact Information:

32 Ulalia Road

Tel: (01637) 872308


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