Bar Socio

Newquay is known for two things.  First is its awesome coast that gives a spectacular view of the Celtic Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, the white sandy beaches that line up the coast, and the fantastic surf waves that people come in droves to try out.  Nothing less to expect from the surf capital of the United Kingdom.

But when the sun goes down, Newquay Is also known for its very active nightlife. Though not as big as the metropolitan cities such as London, Glasgow or Edinburgh, this town has a great selection of pubs, bars and nightclubs to choose from so if you’re a tourist that likes to party both day and night, then you have come to the right place.

One such bar is the Bar Socio.  Located right at the heart of Newquay just a walking distance from the Towan Beach is the Bar Socio.  Its great location makes it easy to get to and attracts all kinds of crowds from the tourists who just came from a day at the beach to locals who like to party.  This bar is definitely a place to visit and have some fun.

The bar offers a wide array of drinks to choose from unlike your typical pubs.  Aside from local offerings, Bar Socio offers craft beers, a wide selection of cocktails and even gin pairings.  The extensive menu means that there is something for everybody.  It’s also a great place to try out new drinks you have never tried before.  You definitely won’t run out of options.

The place also has a great ambiance.  Most customers agree that you can really hang out and chill at the Bar Socio.  While it does attract a large crowd, the bar is not meant to be a loud party place but instead a place where you can hang out and relax with other people.  You will find that the bar guests are very friendly and accommodating and that in no time, you yourself will also enjoy and relax with your new found friends.

Staff at the Bar Socio are highly trained to know what they are doing.  Aside from the craft beers and local ales, they are also able to produce high quality drinks that you won’t find anywhere else.  Their staff are also trained to engage and welcome all the bar patrons.  They have a great mix of drinks and actual service which makes this place highly sought after.  All the staff are very friendly and accommodating that you will never feel like a fish out of water.

Now what is a bar without great music.  Bar Socio has different kinds of music to set the tone for your drinking.  They even have live DJs playing different genres of music that include Rock, Indie, and Punk.  If you are a music or sound aficionado then you will definitely enjoy Bar Socio’ selection.

Now, Bar Socio is purely a bar so if you’re looking to eat, it is best to visit another place first before heading to Bar Socio because, you’ll just find drinks, drinks and more drinks from the time it opens at 6pm.

If you’re looking for a great bar experience in Newquay, then look no further, Bar Socio has you covered!


Location and Contact Information:

9 Central Square
Cornwall TR7 1JH
Email: [email protected]


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